Shelter from the Storm: A ‘Breezy’ Guide to Residential Damage Solutions

storm damage restoration

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The Silver Lining: Understanding Residential Storm Damage

When dark clouds roll in and the winds start howling, every Texan knows it’s fortifying time. In this day and age, residential storm damage has become a prevailing concern, accounting for more than half of all property damage claims. At Coastal Roofing, we understand the chaos and stress that a brutal hailstorm or ruthless hurricane can bring. We’re here as your fellow weather-beaten residents, providing you with an enlightening guide to weathering your battle with Mother Nature.

Ready, Set, Educate: Conquering the Storm with Knowledge

According to the National Weather Service, 2020 was a stormy year indeed, with more than $105 billion in damage, a hefty bill majorly footed by homeowners. Further still, information from the Insurance Information Institute indicates that your home’s electrical setup isn’t out of the fray either with homeowners coughing up an average of $898 for every lightning-induced surge claim. FEMA also agrees with these stormy sentiments highlighting that between 2014-2018, 51.54% of all residential property damage claims were stirrings of the tempest. But worry not, as your Coastal Roofing pros, we come bearing practical and well-founded storm damage repair education to empower you to protect your home.

Batten Down the Hatches: Emergency Damage Solutions to Consider

Our first line of defense is always proactive action. Implementing emergency damage solutions such as reinforcing your roofing structure, regularly checking and maintaining your property’s drainage, and installing surge protectors can give your home the fighting chance it needs to withstand the snarl of the storm.

Rising to the Occasion: Home Recovery After Storms

Once the storm has passed, the natural sequel is to get your home back to its former glory as quickly as possible. Traditional mops and buckets might not perfectly weather this storm, but with expert guidance, you can set your home on the recovery track promptly and efficiently.

Navigating the Aftermath: Identifying Wind and Hail Damages at Home

Whether it’s roof tiles scattered everywhere or evidence of electrical surges, identifying storm damage isn’t quite like hunting for Easter eggs. Wind and hail remain strong contenders to your home’s resilience. Familiarizing yourself with how your home may wear these battle scars puts you a step closer to pre-storm calm and can inform your subsequent course of action.

The Cleanup Crusade: Tackling Property Damage From Storms

You’ve braved the storm and identified the damage, now comes the cleanup crusade. With your safety gear in tow and the correct cleanup technique, you can conquer even the most daunting cleanup tasks. Remember to secure requisite professional help before undertaking potentially risky cleanup activities like live wire handling and structural tree removal.


What steps should I take immediately after a storm?

Engage in a thorough audit of your home to assess the level of damage, compile the necessary documentation for insurance purposes, eliminate safety threats, and contact a professional roofing service.

How often should I check and maintain my drainage?

The general recommendation is every 6 months; however, in areas prone to storms and heavy rainfall, quarterly checks might be more beneficial.

Harnessing Our Guide: Weathering Every Storm

Storms can be relentless, but with our handy guide and support, you’ll discover the calm in the chaos. Authorized under Coastal Roofing’s umbrella, our Residential Storm Damage Solutions are designed to support you from pre-storm preparation to post-storm recovery. Every season brings its threatening storms, but together, we can find and provide shelter from every storm.

Tips for Tackling Storm Damage

1. Don’t underestimate the power of prevention: Implement preventative measures such as reinforcing your roof and drainage system.

2. Understand your insurance policy: Ensure you’re fully aware of what types of damages are covered.

3. Engage Professional assistance: DIY is not always applicable, engage professional services when dealing with significant home repairs or potentially risky recovery activities.

Our Final Forecast

Thanks to Coastal Roofing in Pearland, TX, stormy weather just got breezier. Armed with our guided tactics regarding storm damage and its solutions, you can transform a seemingly tragic tempest into a straightforward affair. So next time you hear the rumble and see skies darken, remember that Coastal Roofing is with you. We have it under control, and we’ll weather the storm, together.

storm damage restoration

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