Paint the Town, But Start with Your Home: A Shade-throwing Exploration of Exterior Paint Trends!

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Paint the Town, But Start with Your Home: A Shade-throwing Exploration of Exterior Paint Trends!

We’re slapping on our paint-stained overalls to embark on a colorful investigation into home exterior paint trends. Did you know, in a grayscale world, the bold are bucking the trend and stepping out in style? According to a 2021 survey by Zillow, homes with black exteriors are commanding up to $6,000 more than their less confident-colored rivals. And it’s not just the boldness—these shades of the night are also sweeping the front door fashion with shades of black or charcoal grey. So, fasten your seat belts as we dive into the rich palette of exterior design colors to discover the latest trends shaking up the world of house painting ideas!

Playing It Cool: Neutral Tones Still Holding Swing

Before you start envisioning your home draped in dashing ebony, let’s throw light on the National Association of Home Builders’ report that neutral colors are still reigning supreme in the exterior color palette. Whites, grays, and beiges are the wallflowers of home exteriors, quietly but confidently holding their ground in the world of outdoor home improvements. While bold might be beautiful, there’s a timeless elegance in these trusty, conservative classics, proving there’s no need to fix what isn’t broken.

Modern Paint Techniques: Creativity at Its Colorful Best

With DIY projects for exterior makeover on the rise, new paint techniques are stimulating house painting ideas. Gone are the days of simple white-wash. The trend is shifting towards textured finishes, faux effects, and mixed mediums; providing homeowners opportunities for personal expression outside the box.

A Colorful Future: Predicting the Hues of Tomorrow

Homeowners are increasingly experimenting with refreshing their home’s look. But what does the future hold for exterior paint trends? The answer lies in the harmonious blend of the classic and the modern. Neutral colors paired with bold, extravagant doors seem to be paving the way forward.


What are the current home exterior paint trends?

Bold, vibrant colors are gaining trend status, with black leading the pack. But fret not, the neutral colors of white, gray, and beige still hold sway in new construction homes.

What modern paint techniques are popular?

It’s not just about the color anymore; texture and effects are becoming fresh playgrounds for creativity. Faux finishes, mixed mediums, and even ‘ombre’ effects are breaking new ground.

I’m ready to repaint. Where should I start?

Always start with a solid foundation. Prepare your walls properly, ensure any repairs are completed, and choose a good quality primer. Then, throw caution – and paint – to the wind.

Tips to Remember

1. Invest in good quality paint and equipment. It may cost a bit more upfront, but the results and durability are worth it.

2. Don’t forget to protect the surrounding area. That swath of vibrant blue might not look as good on your gardenia as it does on your house.

3. Experiment with testers. Live with them for a few days to make sure you love it in all lights before committing to the full exterior.

In conclusion, exterior paint trends are ever-evolving, but homeowners are no longer playing it safe. Whether you choose bold black or stay steady with neutrals, embrace this chance to express yourself. Refreshing your home’s look with a new coat of paint not only increases the curb appeal but also reflects your personality, turning your house into your home. Paint may be temporary, but the joy that comes with transforming your space is priceless. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY master or a beginner starting your first project, remember: the world is your canvas, so go ahead and throw some shade!

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