Hail No! A Chucklesome Chronicle on Storm Damage Prevention

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Weathering the Storm in Pearland, TX: A Rollicking Recap of Storm Damage Prevention

The ingredient of any good storm protection story starts with hail. Not a light hello kind, rather those damaging ice-balls hurled from the sky that cause massive property damage each year. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in the United States alone, hail-related damage to property and crops rounds up to a whopping $1 billion yearly. You got it right! That’s a billion with a ‘b’. Revelations from the Insurance Information Institute add to this narrative indicating that in 2019 nearly 10.7 million properties suffered from at least one hail event that led to damage. Now, isn’t that a hard truth to swallow?

Be the Calm before the Storm: Proactive Storm Safeguarding to Your Rescue

Here at Coastal Roofing, we don’t see these numbers as doom and gloom but rather as a call to action for ensuring home safety during storms. Our approach can be safely classified under ‘Damage Control Strategies.’ Every cloud has a silver lining, right? So before the next hail event rocks your roof or sends your shutters flailing, let’s run down through some hail protection tips and weather resistance measures you can adopt.

Fortify your Windows and Doors

East or West, wind-resistant fixtures are the best, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency agrees vehemently. They say that storm damages can be halved by just installing wind-resistant windows and doors. Plus, they also add a nice aesthetic touch to your home.

Build Roof Resistance

Next, consider giving some love to your most exposed and susceptible part of your home – the roof. Shielding your roof with effective weather-proofing techniques can stave off those dreaded punctures due to hailstones.

Gutter Guards: Your Unseen Protectors

These humble home additions rarely make our ‘thank you’ list. Gutter guards play an essential role in battling the storm by preventing water damage.

Landscaping: More than Just Curb Appeal

Trees and larger plants can either be your best friends or worst enemies in a storm situation. Strategic plant positioning and safe pruning practices can save you from potential property damage in a stormy situation.

Time for Some Action: Our Step-by-Step Storm Damage Prevention Guide

Ready to take the bull by the horns or should we say, the storm by its winds? Here goes:

1. Install wind-resistant windows and doors.

2. Ensure your roof has strong shingles and is sealed properly to avoid leaks.

3. Install gutter guards to prevent water damage.

4. Strategically position trees and prune branches that pose a risk to your property.

A Stitch in Time: The Aftermath

But what should you do if a storm has already done its damage? No worries. Before deciding it’s curtains for your precious home, explore options for quick and effective repairs. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine!


Should I evacuate my home during a storm?

This would depend on the severity of the storm and your home’s construction quality. Extreme weather precautions should be taken as suggested by local authorities.

Will insurance cover hail damage?

It usually does but check your policy details to be sure as conditions may vary by companies and policies.

How can I check for storm damage?

Visible checks of roofing, sidings, and windows are a start. However, it’s best to get a professional inspection done.

Finale: Sun out, Fear not!

Stormy seasons shouldn’t echo an ominous music track in your mind. With some planning, correct measures, and a cheeky attitude towards weathering storms, your home can stay safe and sound. Remember, the right protection can always keep your property saying Hail No! to storm damage! Here’s to facing nature, having a hearty chuckle, and coming out victorious. Over to you, fearless residents of Pearland, TX.


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